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Strategic acquisition opportunities tailored to your growth goals

Finding the right businesses to buy is an extensive process
Taking time and resources that you and your team don’t always have to spare.

With all the other M&A tasks you’re juggling, you don’t have enough resources to continually watch for the next wonderful opportunity that fits your strategic goals.

The process of sourcing and vetting companies is time-consuming and expensive, and if it doesn’t pan out, you’re back at square one……

wishing that the perfect opportunity would drop into your lap.
That’s where IntVentures
comes in…
By simplifying the deal sourcing process, we remove the headaches of finding and vetting the next wonderful business to buy.

Our efficient, data-driven, and unconventional approach gives you confidence that you’re getting all of the best viable opportunities.

The end result? You can spend more time on building valuable relationships and closing deals while keeping your pipeline full.
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IntVentures has done an effective job of identifying potential acquisition candidates and making positive contacts and introductions which have led to fruitful discussions. I could not have asked for a better way to find the inorganic growth opportunities we were looking for.
Neil Manheimer
CFO, CoSo Cloud LLC

How IntVentures Works

Growing your company — and your impact — just got easier.

IntVentures lightens the load and turns sourcing opportunities into a simple and efficient process:
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Determine Objectives
Together, we’ll discuss your objectives and translate them into an ideal target acquisition profile that guides us to find the best opportunities for your strategy.
Search and Outreach
Using the target profile, we leverage our database and research methodology to create a shortlist of highly relevant opportunities for your review.

Next, we approach the key decision-makers at your top selections to initiate conversations.

We reach out as your team so you own the pipeline and can proceed with viable opportunities.
Iterate and Repeat
Using your feedback, we’ll continue iterating and building your pipeline every 1, 2, or 4 weeks based on your goals.
The IntVentures 30-Day Guarantee
IntVentures chooses projects and clients that we’re confident we can help. Our tech-driven approach to strategic acquisitions is unconventional, and, simply put, it works.

We believe so deeply in our ability to find incredible strategic opportunities for your company that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Within the first 30 days of collaboration with us, you can cancel the contract and get a full refund of your first month of retainers if you are not satisfied with our work.
IntVentures runs a very well managed search process to source details for our company. They make it simple for our team to work together and are very collaborative.
Client in Tech Sector

Ready for a pipeline of opportunities that fit your strategic goals?

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IntVentures helps strategic buyers identify and connect with exciting acquisition opportunities tailored to your company’s growth goals.

Leveraging data science and automation, IntVentures aims to disrupt the M&A industry and helps you make a bigger impact.
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