IntVentures finds and vets strategic opportunities so you can focus on closing the deal

Hi, we’re IntVentures and we’re not your typical M&A firm. In fact, we’re not an M&A firm at all. We help strategic buyers like you find and vet new business opportunities tailored to your goals.
Drawing on tech-driven processes and a unique methodology, we thrive on finding incredible opportunities that help you achieve your growth goals and extend your mission.
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Meet Founder Genie Guo

With a background in strategic acquisitions, Genie saw that so much of the industry focused on success for the buyer without regard for the entrepreneur who poured their life’s work into building their business.

That’s why she set out to make buying exceptional businesses a win for both sides, working with strategic buyers who want to add value to the companies they purchase.
Drawing on her strategic expertise and passion for innovation, Genie developed a tech-driven process that works to find opportunities in nearly any vertical.

As the CEO, Genie oversees the deal sourcing strategy for each client and helps generate new ideas.

Our Business Is Giving Yours A Competitive Advantage

“This is the way we’ve always done things,” has no place at IntVentures, nor do politics or corporate games. We take a straightforward, direct, and deliberate approach to everything we do, striving for total transparency across every project we take on.

With a core value of continuous improvement, we believe there’s always room to do better so we can deliver on our top priority — empowering your company to reach its strategic goals.

Why IntVentures

Born from a vision to change the status quo in the acquisitions industry, IntVentures is building a legacy of innovation.

We’re showing the world how people from totally different, and often unexpected backgrounds can come together to innovate and allow our clients to create a bigger impact on the world.

Each of the incredibly talented individuals on our team strives for excellence, integrity, and innovation to create better processes and results for our clients.

Meet Your Project Team

Project Manager
With an entrepreneurial background, Brian understands the value of high-level strategy and iteration.
As your main point of contact during work sprints, he ensures that our work is in alignment with your feedback and strategy.
Research Team Lead
With a background in banking and a Masters in Applied Business Analytics, Kristel’s industry knowledge is second to none.

As the research team lead, she owns the entire research process, managing the team, and performing quality checks to ensure excellent results.
Research Analyst
A former research analyst with Genpact Headstrong, Michelle conducted pre-M&A background checks and investigations.

As a researcher, she has a knack for locating hard-to-find opportunities and information on companies to give you the best options.
Research Analyst
A research and operations geek, Marie has worked extensively with disruptive startups in online education and fintech.

She’s an excellent communicator who is skilled at applying analytical thinking to evaluate strategic opportunities.
Research Analyst
A graduate of BS Statistics with 10 years of experience in insurance underwriting, Charmaine has an extensive background in research and risk analysis.

She is highly analytical and detail-oriented. She employs a data-driven approach in deal sourcing and making strategic decisions.
Account Manager
With an engineering degree and a sales background, Makha understands how to communicate and sell to different audiences.

She oversees initial target company outreach and follow-ups, constantly striving to achieve a higher response rate.
Genie and her team are incredibly competent, communicative, adaptive, efficient, and overall, great to work with.
Eric Babakhanian
Corporate Development Manager
IntVentures is disrupting the M&A industry. We help strategic buyers make a big impact on the world by finding exciting value-adding acquisition opportunities tailored to your company’s strategy and growth goals.
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