Gain a competitive advantage by building a pipeline of off-market strategic acquisition opportunities

IntVentures Partners With

Strategic Holding Companies
Companies selectively purchasing businesses in specific verticals with a goal of adding value to every business they purchase.
Strategic Goal-Driven Buyers
Companies working towards a goal, like building to an IPO or strengthening their competitive advantage, while also adding value to the businesses they purchase.

The IntVentures Approach

IntVentures cuts dozens of hours of repetitive work from your schedule by simplifying the deal sourcing process. With our help, you can reduce months of work to mere hours.

Here’s how it breaks down:
In House
With IntVentures
Define M&A Strategy
Create a profile for your ideal target
Find Target Companies
Browse marketplaces, reach out to sell-side reps or bankers, and perform database searches to screen hundreds of companies to see who might be a fit.
Step 1
Co-create a profile based on your goals and strategic insights from IntVentures’ data-driven sourcing
Contact Target Companies
Identify the contact person, perform outreach, and find alternative contacts if no one responds.
Manage Emails and Pipelines
Respond to replies and pre-qualify each, log contacts into CRM and set follow-up reminders, and continue following up with non-responsive leads.
Step 2
Let IntVentures take on the sourcing process, so you only need to spend about 30 minutes meeting to, review target opportunities, provide feedback, and iterate the search criteria during each work sprint — 1, 2, or 4 weeks depending on your goals.
Book Calls
Manage your calendar and schedule/reschedule meetings.
Calls with Opportunities
Inconsistent deal flow volume due to competing priorities.
Step 3
1-3 pre-vetted prospects book into your calendar every 1, 2, or 4 weeks, depending on the cycle you choose
Best of all, there’s no risk to you.If you’re not satisfied with our work in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your retainer.
get started now!
Unlike traditional M&A advisors, IntVentures is upfront about what they deliver with their retainer. We know exactly what to expect from the retainer and it’s extremely easy to understand ROI.

They dig deeper than anyone else we’ve worked with and pay close attention to details in our targets as well as our feedback. I’m so happy working with IntVentures and would recommend Genie and her team to anybody
Anna Nowacka
Co-Head of Mergers and Acquisitions Department at Forum Media Group

What’s In It For You?

In addition to getting back weeks of time and ensuring a more strategic and consistent approach, we help our clients get the following results:
Higher ROI
You connect directly with the sellers so you can negotiate the best deal.
More Strategic Options
With a higher deal flow volume, you can pick the opportunities that best fit your strategic goals
Improved Focus on Essential Tasks
With a dedicated team working on your deal flow origination, you can focus on time-sensitive M&A activities.
Higher Quality Opportunities
Get opportunities tailored to your strategic goals with iterations as you refine or pivot your strategy.
Pre-Vetted Prospects
Save even more precious time evaluating companies against your requirements.

Here’s how we’ll work together:

Before our first meeting, we’ll research some preliminary targets so you can see the types of opportunities we deliver.
Choose how often you want 1-3 targets, every: 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks
During our kickoff and onboarding phase, we create your target profile together, driven by your goals and our insights.
Every 1, 2 or 4 weeks, we present you with a shortlist of pre-vetted targets. Following your approval, we’ll reach out to the target companies to schedule calls.
Based on your feedback, we’ll refine the target research process, iterate, and repeat so you get better opportunities over time.
Working with IntVentures was very easy. The team was very open to tailoring their approach to our specific needs, and was able to deliver a long list of relevant targets very quickly.
Emmanuel Arnaud
CEO, HomeExchange

Frequently Asked Questions for IntVentures

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team or email us at

Can we see what it’s like to work with you before signing a retainer?

Absolutely. Before beginning any contract, our team performs preliminary research. We find and present 2-3 sample targets that fit your criteria. Additionally, we offer a 30-day guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days of collaboration you can request a full refund of retainers paid.

How are you different from buy-side advisory firms?

IntVentures works exclusively with the buy-side focusing on deal sourcing so our strategic buyers can deliver results. However, we differ in that we only focus on deal sourcing and charge fees based on retainers instead of deal-sized success fees, so you’ll know your overall deal sourcing costs ahead of time.

How does your service work?

We work only on the buy-side and focus on deal sourcing for strategic buyers. Our core service is understanding the buyer’s objectives, conducting market research, identifying targets, and outreach. From there we hand the warm targets to our clients for further evaluation and to close.

What kind of results can we expect from IntVentures?

IntVentures tailors our research to your acquisition strategy and can help with top-of-the-funnel work so your in-house team can focus on more strategic tasks. On average we bring you 1-3 pre-vetted opportunities every 1, 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the level of engagement.

Does IntVentures have specific expertise in my industry?

IntVentures takes a process-driven deal sourcing approach that generates great results regardless of industry. With that said, we have experience in a wide range of verticals including Shopify apps, fintech, EdTech, Intelligent Transport Systems (both hardware and software), and gaming. And the list keeps growing.

Do you work for buyers and sellers?

IntVentures works exclusively on the buy-side and focuses on deal sourcing for strategic buyers. We help our clients find exceptional companies to buy that they can add value to.

How are you different from bankers?

IntVentures typically works on a fixed fee structure compared with bankers. Because we only work on top-of-the-funnel deal sourcing, your in-house team can take on tasks where you excel, including negotiation, due diligence, and closing. Since we reach out to target companies on behalf of your team, you own the relationship with the sellers from the start and have complete control of your pipeline.

How can you improve on our in-house team?

Frequently in-house teams have to juggle so many tasks related to analyzing and closing deals that they don’t have the bandwidth or resources to stay on top of sourcing acquisitions. IntVentures is the perfect partner to help you gain a competitive advantage and maximize your strategic purchases. We bring deals to the top of your funnel to help your in-house team expand your options with our exhaustive search approach. Better yet, we can help you save hundreds of thousands on banker and middleman fees.

IntVentures has done an effective job of identifying potential acquisition candidates and making positive contacts and introductions which have led to fruitful discussions. I could not have asked for a better way to find the inorganic growth opportunities we were looking for.
Neil Manheimer
CFO, CoSo Cloud LLC
IntVentures is disrupting the M&A industry. We help strategic buyers make a big impact on the world by finding exciting value-adding acquisition opportunities tailored to your company’s strategy and growth goals.
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