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Working with Genie and her team has been an amazing experience. They’re very straightforward and the research they presented was on point and comprehensive while also approachable and easy to read.

There’s no way we would have found many of these companies or gotten all that detail on our own. We highly recommend working with Intventures.

H.E. Chief Operating Officer in Health Tech
Chief Operating Officer
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Unlike traditional M&A advisors, IntVentures is upfront about what they deliver with their retainer. We know exactly what to expect from the retainer and it’s extremely easy to understand ROI.

They dig deeper than anyone else we’ve worked with and pay close attention to details in our targets as well as our feedback. I’m so happy working with IntVentures and would recommend Genie and her team to anybody.

Anna Nowacka
Co-Head of Mergers and Acquisitions Department
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Genie and her team are awesome. Their attention to detail and ability to customize is really effective for finding the exact types of potential M&A deals you need.

It really feels like they are part of your team and I appreciated how they freed up our schedule and saved time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Eric Babakhanian
Corporate Development Manager, Maple Media
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IntVentures is disrupting the M&A industry. We help strategic buyers make a big impact on the world by finding exciting value-adding acquisition opportunities tailored to your company’s strategy and growth goals.
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