Case Study:

Vi Labs

Key Takeaways

  • Sourced more potential opportunities in significantly less time.
  • Researched and presented over 6,000 
  • Located exciting opportunities our client was unaware of.
  • Gathered highly-detailed information not easily available.
  • Created easy-to-understand reports that the client could go through in very little time.

Working with Genie and her team has been an amazing experience. They’re very straightforward and the research they presented was on point and comprehensive while also approachable and easy to read.

There’s no way we would have found many of these companies or gotten all that detail on our own. We highly recommend working with Intventures.

H.E. Chief Operating Officer in Health Tech
Chief Operating Officer

Growing the health tech industry through strategic growth

The health tech industry is fast-moving, making it essential to stay on the leading edge to remain competitive. Finding and vetting strategic acquisitions that allow health tech firms to stay at the forefront of the industry is challenging amidst everything that goes into running the company. 

Before working with Intventures

Our client had acquired startups in the past using their internal team. However, they found the process of finding and vetting new opportunities to be cumbersome and challenging to navigate. And with a mission of helping digital health companies grow, they wanted to find the perfect alignment of visions. IntVentures connected with the CEO when the company was ready to help another founder extend their mission.

After working with Intventures

The IntVentures approach blends co-creation of a target profile with a sourcing sprint that lasts 1, 2, or 4 weeks. Based on their growth strategy and their ability to manage their pipeline, this company selected a 4-week sprint. We meet every 4 weeks to review target opportunities, gather feedback, and iterate the search criteria for future sprints.

“We’ve been so impressed with Genie and her team since Day 1. Before working with them, we had fewer opportunities and didn’t know about a lot of companies that are relevant and can help us expand our business. Truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I saw our CEO so impressed by someone.”

At-a Glance

Target Companies Researched
Targets Selected
Targets Engaged
Targets Introduced
Target Conversions
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