Case Study:

Maple Media

Key Takeaways

  • 30% pipeline growth with thousands of prospective deals
  • Served as an extension of our team allowing our internal talent to focus on due diligence and closing
  • Effective and efficient at sourcing new opportunities in a dynamic environment
  • Communicative and extremely efficient at customizing sourcing criteria

Genie and her team are awesome. Their attention to detail and ability to customize is really effective for finding the exact types of potential M&A deals you need.

It really feels like they are part of your team and I appreciated how they freed up our schedule and saved time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Eric Babakhanian
Corporate Development Manager, Maple Media

Increasing app acquisition pipeline growth by 30%

The app space is incredibly fluid with as many as 36,000 new mobile apps hitting the market every month. As a result, acquiring apps and app businesses requires an extensive, ongoing time commitment.

Teams must have the bandwidth to identify, evaluate, and vet potential deals, while continually searching for new opportunities.

Before hiring IntVentures...

Before hiring IntVentures, Maple Media’s lean team was doing all of the sourcing, outreach, and due diligence activities internally.

Aggressive growth goals challenged their team to increase the close rate while utilizing the same internal pool of talent to perform all M&A activities.


IntVentures brought a clearly defined approach to defining Maple Media’s target profile and continually refining it to locate new opportunities for acquisition.

By building a custom iOS and Android app store monitoring script, we identified and researched over 8,000 potential deals for Maple Media and used their feedback to filter out options that didn’t align with their preferences. As a result, we were able to increase their pipeline growth by approximately 30%.

With an approach that blends sourcing with initial outreach, we freed up their internal resources to focus on due diligence and closing deals.

At-a Glance

Weekly Sprints
Initial Targets Researched
Targets Engaged via Email
Targets Introduced to Client
Opportunities Closed
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